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Energy generation and conservation is one of the big challenges of human progress. Availability of abundant, low cost energy is a key driver of economic development

Technology innovation and market forces are making renewable sources competitive.

Grid-connected electricity storage is now possible and efficient.

Energy saving targets can be rapidly attained thanks to smart systems and efficient consumption technologies

The Sun. Our next energy source. It will last billions of years.

Your solar power generation. At home. Or a sunny place connected to the grid.

Power generation by photovoltaic (PV) systems is now more competitive than by fossil sources. At the same they do not incur fuel price risks. PV generation can be distributed closer to consumption making the energy system more efficient and robust.

Consumption = Generation

Not any longer

The grid required to balance instantaneously generation with consumption. Now electrical energy can be stored and used when necessary.

Save energy.

Be smart.

At the same time.

Energy can be used more efficiently thanks to sophisticated analysis techniques, optimised processes and new technologies.


zero emissions

zero fuel

zero ties

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